Suzie Q Has Found Her Forever Home – Thank you Patricia and Gerry!

Suzie Q. – UMDR ID#017-0502
Fostered by Karlene S.

This little girl was found wandering the streets.  It is hard to imagine how someone so little could have gotten so lost.  She was covered in fleas which had caused a lot of hair loss from her chewing, her nails looked as though they had never been looked after and the stench from her mouth due to so many rotten teeth was terrible.  I am sure this little girl was in much distress and discomfort.  Everything has now been taken care of and Suzie is feeling sooooo much better!  She did lose most of her teeth unfortunately so she will need to be fed soft or raw food at this point.  She is healing nicely however and has now had her vaccinations including rabies, and has been spayed.

Suzie is believed to be a Yorkie, possibly mixed with Chihuahua, approximately 4 years old according to her vet and currently weighs 7.2 lbs.  She has bonded very strongly with her foster mom and stays at her side most of the time either in her lap or lying at her feet.  Due to her size she is easy to transport and she loves going for outings in the car, meeting new people, and just being with her person.  She is a true companion.  She is great with people of all ages but due to her size we would prefer children over 10 years old.  She is great with other pets in the home.  She is fully house trained and quite agile for her size.  She loves going for walks and you would never have to worry about her straying far from your side at any time.

We would like to see Suzie go to a home where her people are home more often than not.  She would not do well being left for long days on her own and would, we feel, become depressed before too long.  She would do well in any setting including an apartment as she is fairly quiet in the home.  She likes to sleep in bed with you and will stay in the same spot for the entire night which is at her person’s shoulder, head just beside your pillow.

If you are looking for someone to be your side kick and who will be a devoted and loving little companion, please submit an application for consideration.

We were delighted and would like to thank the following people who opened their hearts and made it possible for us to give Suzie Q. the best care possible:  

Katrina Peredun, Kerry Robinson, Julia Lauwers, Kim Miller, Bonnie Harris, Sandra Stephenson Photography, Jesica Juriga, Linda Sinker, Anthony Aarts, Debra Gibson, Sydney Engel, Assunta Di Marcantonio, Veronica Findlay, Kirsten Ulrich, Jill Bentley, Patricia Slaney, Maxine Tiller, Christine Filip, Chinmayee Rindani, Patricia Estey, Karen Thorpe.