Update: Batman

Hey there UMDR Volunteers!
We’ve been wanting to send you an update for a couple weeks but Batman and life have been keeping us busy! Today with all the heat we are trying to take it easy so I thought what better time than to give you some updates. 🙂  It has astonished us how well Batman has fit into our little family. He surprises us every day whether it be from howling at a passing fire truck or how well he has overcome his fears.
When Batman first came home everything was new to him and he was unsure of everything from the back deck to the wood stairs. Over time he has become more and more comfortable in our house and the community we live in. For the first few weeks, he avoided the car at all costs and we would have to lift him in and he wouldn’t settle despite how long the ride. Although he still makes it known he’d prefer to not go in the car once he realizes that’s the plan he jumps right in and lays down almost immediately. He has become more and more playful as he becomes more comfortable with us – it is always a treat when he gets the “zoomies” and starts doing doughnuts in the backyard.
Batman is an amazing dog and everyone who has met him is baffled by his sweet demeanor. He is constantly reminded how handsome he is and has even been “cat-called” from a car driving by yelling about how cute he is.
We can’t thank ALL of you enough for bringing this wonderful doggo into our life. It is absolutely astonishing how perfect he is. We love him dearly and we’re pretty sure he thinks we’re alright too. 😉
Thank you for doing the work that you do – I can’t imagine a life without Batman now. Keep it up – you are changing lives of both the dogs and the people that they touch.
Victoria + Graham
P.S. I couldn’t choose a photo to send so instead I sent a bunch. Including one of Batman laying in the middle of me folding laundry… he LOVES to steal socks from the hamper at first it was cute and then the socks were in pieces… oh dear.