Ponyo – Chinese Crested Dog (No Longer Accepting Applications For This Pet)


Ponyo – UMDR ID#017-0612
Fostered by Cas and Nick

Ponyo is an unusual looking dog, referred to as a “hairy hairless” Chinese Crested dog.  She is non-shedding and hypoallergenic.  This breed has hair and breathe through their skin, like people do.  She is approximately 4 years old and weighs approximately 14 lbs.  She has been with the same owners since she was a puppy and is a very animated and devoted companion.  She does appear to prefer the company of men but is fine with woman as well.

She can be a little stand-offish with strangers but she is never aggressive and makes friends easily.  She has been raised in a home with other dogs and cats and is fine with all of them.  She may take an initial settling in period with a strange dog but does come around and enjoys their company as well.  For the most part however, she just likes being with her people and falls totally in love with her person, becoming a little stalker.  She is not overly affectionate meaning she is not a dog that enjoys lots of cuddle time instead she prefers to just “be” with you.  She enjoys sitting or laying beside you or on your lap but doesn’t need constant attention or lots of outward affection.

Ponyo is completely house trained and can be left with no issues in the home for a normal working day but she can be vocal when she hears something so probably would not be best in an apartment setting.  She is very obedient and has excellent recall which allows her to have opportunities to get a good run without worry of her wandering off. She would also do best where she had a yard to play in.  She does have a tendency to be lurking when you are making meals, ready to catch anything that falls on the floor but is not intrusive or begging.  She does love most vegetables and fruits and has been eating mostly a raw-feed diet throughout her life (bought pre-mixed from Pet Valu).  She does walk fairly well on leash but could use a bit of a refresher as she does pull a little but she also listens and takes instruction well.  She does know some commands and is very obedient over all.  She does a special little dance where she puts her paws together and stands on her hind legs when she is awaiting her dinner.  She loves to sleep in your bed and will often go under the covers but she stays in one spot throughout the night and doesn’t wake until you are ready to arise.

Ponyo’s is very playful and her favourite things are to be with her person and to play a good game of fetch.  She would be a great single’s companion, devoted, loving and always there to do whatever you want to do.  She would enjoy someone who is active and who would include her in outings and opportunities to explore the world.

If you think Ponyo would be a good choice for your situation, please submit an application for consideration.