Antona – Manchester Terrier Mix

Antona (Annie) – UMDR ID#027-0606
Fostered by Geetika S.

Antona is a great companion dog.  She is very obedient and bonds quickly with her people.  She is approximately 4 – 5 years old and currently weighs approximately 20 lbs.

Here is what her foster Mom had to say:

Antona ( I call her Annie) is a sweetheart! There’s so many wonderful things about her like she not only understands certain words like come, sit, and stay but understands hand gestures as well!  She is not shy with anyone and is good with people of all ages.  She is very affectionate and loves attention.  She is well behaved and quiet in the home.  She likes to be wherever you are.  Just to add on, she is very pretty too and her fur is soft and dense 😀

She is friendly with children. She has met my cousins, age 4, 6, and 7 and she was fine with them. She walked around with them and listened.  I have not seen any signs of aggression.  Sometimes, she growls when she plays with the wood bone but when I distract her by telling her to follow me, she is fine.  When she sees dogs on the street, she sometimes barks at them and wants to go to them. I made her meet my grandpa’s dog but she kept jumping on top of him so we separated them.

I would say Annie has moderate energy when you take her outdoors but low energy in the house. She likes to chill near you or on the sofa or floor throughout the day. She doesn’t jump much. Also, she barely roams the house by herself.  She likes to “chill” on the living room sofa throughout the day and if you pet her/scratch her, she cuddles around you and wants to be loved more :). She also doesn’t lick much. We tried to get her to play with a ball but she doesn’t seem to be interested in it for now.

Overall, Annie is super obedient. If you tell her to sit, she sits. If you tell her to stay, she will not follow you.  If I do the come hand signal, she comes. If I do not do any action or say anything, they’ll be times she’ll stay in the same area I left her.   Annie is house-trained and hasn’t had a single accident inside the house. She doesn’t tell you she needs to go out however and will just hold it until you take her out.  She is crate trained and I have been using the crate for her at night.  She goes in the crate as soon as you tell her to by opening the crate door. If she does bark, it is for a minute once the entire night. She doesn’t wake you up in the morning with her barks either.

She is very easy going with putting the leash on.  When taken out for a walk though, she sometimes walks faster than you and you have to sometimes slow her down.  Annie likes going outside! If she is resting on the sofa and doesn’t want to come upstairs with you or get off the sofa, as soon as you say let’s go outside, she jumps right off and follows you to go!  If you take her out to pee and tell her to come back inside, she doesn’t resist at all and follows you in (no need of pulling her with the leash). She also pees within a minute when she’s taken out to an area of grass.

I am gone for 4-5 hours and she does not exhibit any anxiety. She barks when I leave but stops barking after a minute.     She is quiet throughout the day and night. She only barks when someone is at the door. She will bark longer if she doesn’t know them but as soon as she is exposed to them, she is fine. She also very occasionally barks when she wants to be let out of the room.

Annie does not chew on anything, steal food or counter surf.  She will however sit and watch you when you are eating hoping you will give her something.  She enjoys car rides, both in the crate and on the seat! I’ve taken her on a ride before where she sat on my lap and enjoyed the breeze outside through the window. She has also traveled for an hour to Brampton in the crate and did not bark at all.

Annie is very obedient. She does very well around people and doesn’t require much attention other than petting. She loves to sit beside you and just be petted. She doesn’t demand constant walks or need to go outside constantly to pee either. She is super adorable and it is a pleasure fostering her. She will make a great pet! Whoever adopts her will be very lucky to have her 🙂 

She will do fine with kids and with a family. She is very loving and it would be nice if someone was home more often than not however she could be left for a working day with no issues.  She really loves attention and loves getting scratched and pets.  She will be fine in an apartment as well since she doesn’t bark or tell you when she has to pee; you just have to take her out every few hours and she will pee when she’s on grass. For poo, she needs to be taken for a walk.

If you think Annie would be a good fit for your situation, please submit an application for consideration.