Boy (Bullitt)- Shepherd Mix

Boy (Bullitt) – UMDR ID#017-0607
Fostered by Debbie and Mike R.


Boy came from the same hoarding situation as a few of the dogs that have already been adopted and like them, he is making fast progress and has shown himself to be a very sweet natured and endearing soul.  He unfortunately had to have an eye removed due to an infection that was never treated but the vet did an amazing job.  Boy is approximately 5 – 7 years old and currently weigh approximately 54 lbs.

Here is what his foster family had to say:

This handsome and kind hearted dog came with the name Boy but we found that too confusing when praising him for being good so we chose Bullitt which he seems to respond to.  Bullitt looks very much like a Shepherd but definitely mixed with something, possibly Corgi.  He has very thick fur and is a beautiful, friendly animal.  He is very friendly however not very affectionate as of yet.  He loves to be petted, getting belly rubs and scratched but not really a sit beside you or on you type of dog.  Of course he hasn’t been with us long so that may change once he settles in fully with a new family.

Bullitt seems to be very healthy, no concerns that we have noticed.  He does have one eye but the surgeon did an amazing job on his right eye – very clean and healed nicely.  Bullitt has shown no favoring or other issues with this.

At present I would say his energy level is moderate.  He is another rescue who is not familiar with playing quite yet but he loves being outside and likes to sprint across the backyard.  When Bullitt first came to us his shedding was high but we have bathed him and have been brushing him steadily and he is shedding much less now.  We don’t believe he had ever been brushed before.  You can definitely see the difference in the picture here with the now picture above.

Bullitt has shown to be very friendly to both men and women although seems to be favoring the men so far.  He has been around my 11 year old grandson  and is quite comfortable with this.  Bullitt is very friendly but he likes to do his own thing.  He definitely has not an aggressive bone in his body.  He is very, very sweet natured.  Bullitt is not really shy or timid per se but he does still seem cautious.  He is however very curious and this is helping to bring him out of his shell more and more each day.  He is getting along very well with our three small dogs.  He eats in the same space they do and he follows them around the backyard, almost in a guardian way.  He hasn’t shown any interest in the dogs on the street while walking him.  Although we don’t have cats, we feel he would be fine with any animals in the home.

Bullitt has shown no signs of separation anxiety and is quite happy in his corner on his bed when we leave.  There is no barking and he doesn’t get into anything he shouldn’t, and he is quite happy to see us when we arrive home.  He does have a slight anxiety with sudden loud noises but just for an instant and he continues on his way.  He has not shown any interest in dog toys, maybe because he has never played with them before.  He loves to sit in the yard and just be outside.  So far he has been very quiet.  We have not heard a real bark out of him yet, just some slight talking.

Bullitt is doing very well in the house.  He is not food aggressive at all, and has not tried to get anything off the counters.  He is still learning some commands and as stated before he is very independent but can easily be trained with treats.  He is fully house trained.  We have not had any accidents so far and he will go to the back door when ready to go out.  We are not using a crate and feel that it is not necessary for he is well behaved when left on his own. Bullitt walks well on a leash.  He likes to walk behind you and sometimes needs a little encouragement to keep going but doing fine on the walks.  We have had him in the car once and he laid on the back seat  a little anxious but not bad.

Although Bullitt has one eye he does fine but will need a short adjustment period to learn his new surroundings.  I think Bullitt would thrive on a big property or where he has a good sized yard to play in and where he can be outside and run when he wants. Although he is also quite content in the house and as long as someone got him out for lots of good walks he should be fine.  Whoever adopts this sweet dog must be willing to allow him to continue getting accustomed to being part of a family and learning that there is nothing left to fear, and that he is not alone, and as such he will thrive.  He is truly a sweetheart!

If you think Boy (Bullitt) would be a good fit for your family, please submit an application for consideration.