Lily Found Her Forever Home – Thank you Marilyn, Sheila and Mookie!

Lily – UMDR ID#017-0503
Fostered by Marilyn and Sheila

This adorable little girl came into our care when her owner suddenly passed away and there were no family members able to care for her.  It didn’t take Lily long to find a way into her foster family’s hearts and we were so happy when they informed us that they would like to make Lily a permanent part of their family.  Lily was a beloved pet and will continue to receive the same kind of love and care with her new family.  Another great foster failure!

Lily With Her New Family, Marilyn, Sheila and Foster Brother Mookie

Update:  August 5th, 2017

We adopted Lily on June 20th of this year. Foster failure #2 for us.
Lily has settled into our home perfectly. She now has a doggy sister ( Mookie ) and a feline brother ( Mater ) and sister ( Widget ). They get along fabulous, playing, chasing and even sleeping together.
Lily is such a little love bug. She has this thing about licking your neck or the fold of your elbow…I know it sounds rather strange but those are her ” go to ” places.
We’ve been working on walking with a leash. She actually does very well walking…it’s just when she sees another dog when that crazy killer bark of hers starts…so yeah, working on the bark a little but she is getting the hang of it.
She makes us smile every day with some new antics of hers.
She’s a precious little angel and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to adopt her and make her a member of our gang.