Ponyo Has Found Her Forever Home – Thank You Therese!

Ponyo – UMDR ID#017-0612
Fostered by Cas and Nick

Ponyo is an unusual looking dog, referred to as a “hairy hairless” Chinese Crested dog.  She is non-shedding and hypoallergenic.  This breed has hair and breathe through their skin, like people do.  She is approximately 4 years old and weighs approximately 14 lbs.  She has been with the same owners since she was a puppy and is a very animated and devoted companion.  She does appear to prefer the company of men but is fine with woman as well.


Update:  August 20th, 2017


Ponyo and I are on the deck doing a jig saw puzzle. She’s helping by guarding the puzzle from squirrels, she’s on high alert.  I have a couple of red squirrels that have made nests under my house, so I’m hoping they move on now that Ponyo is here.

Ponyo is an amazing dog. You did an excellent job of training her. My son Scott was here for the weekend with his dog Xena and no they did not get along but she held her own against a big dog. They tolerated one another and Ponyo was happy when Xena went home.

She’s put on weight. Every time we go walking with the neighbours they over-do the treats. Then when we come home she wants a treat as soon as she walks in the door. We all agreed to cut back on the treats.

Ponyo pulls when she walks on the leash, so I put her harness on her, but she acts like it’s a disgrace to put the harness on. When we get back from our walk I take the leash and harness off in the drive way and she tears around at high speed doing laps on the grass. The friends I walk with think she is so amazingly well behaved.

We went for 3 walks and the last one she turned into my driveway herself. We played fetch.  I noticed that, like my old dogs, she doesn’t do rain. She’s settled in very well.