Winston Found His Forever Family – Thank You Chris!

Winston – UMDR ID#017-0609
Fostered by Sasha K.

Winston is a very special dog and we are sad to have to say goodbye.   He is a happy boy, very low maintenance, and a wonderful house guest.  He is also a perfect little spoon – if I could cuddle him all day I would!!  He attaches to his humans and is eager to please.  He is an “easy”, calm dog and just wants to be loved and have some fun!  Winston is approximately 1 1/2 – 2 years old and currently weighs 31 lbs.


Winston is a great dog.

He traveled back home to Brantford with me with ease. He is a great little traveler.  Once he took a look at his new home and had a bite to eat we went for a nice walk.  Winston did really well walking with a harness. He’s a little nervous around cars (a good thing) but seemed to enjoy the sights and smells of his new neighborhood.
He’s settled in nice so far.  Thanks again. Looking forward to many great years and adventures with this great little guy.
Winston’s had a long day and is ready to relax.
Chris N.
UPDATE:  July 20, 2017
He (Winston) has been nothing short of the perfect little friend.
He has taken to my home with great ease and is very comfortable.
He is still a little nervous around strange dogs and people on bicycles….but we have been working on it and he is getting better the more he has been exposed.
He’s not ready for the dog park yet but he’ll get there.
He’s a great buddy.