Charlotte Found Her Forever Family – Thank You Elise and Jeff!

Charlotte – UMDR ID#017-0701
Fostered by Casandrea L.

Charlotte is a beautiful girl.  She is almost 8 months old and is a purebred Labrador Retriever.  She has been raised by a loving family and has been well taken care of throughout her short life.  Due to unforeseen circumstances Charlotte is now in need of finding a new forever family.  She has had all of her medical work done, is microchipped and weighs approximately 50 lbs.

Here is what her foster family had to say:

Charlotte is a lovely, intelligent and friendly girl.  Like most Labs, Charlotte is very friendly with everyone including strangers.  She especially loves children but currently would be too much for young children as she will jump up (we will be working on this) and she can still be a bit mouthy when playing.  She has been raised around other dogs and is good with dogs of all sizes however she may be too much for a small dog or a dog that would not enjoy her level of playfulness.  She has also been raised around cats and has no issues with them.  She is a very happy and healthy girl and is very affectionate with everyone.

Charlotte has had some basic puppy training and does know some basic commands such as sit and down but needs work on staying in position until released.  We have noticed in working with her that she is very smart and picks up on things quickly but you have to be consistent or she will happily take advantage of any situation.  She would not do well with a first time dog owner unless they were very committed and willing to take her to obedience school (not Petsmart classes) where they could learn how to use positive reinforcement and consistency in working with her.  She is a sensitive dog and still just a baby.  Any use of negative reinforcement would be a true detriment at this stage so you must be willing to ensure her safety and to commit to working with her on a daily basis.

Charlotte is fully house trained and has not had any accidents in the home.  She is crate trained and we are using the crate for sleeping and for any times we are not able to be working with her directly.  At present you would definitely need to have her crated whenever you leave the house or at least confined to an area of the house where she was safe or else she would get into things she shouldn’t.  She is clean and quiet in the crate and sleeps through the night with no issues.  She does walk fairly well on leash but is still reactive to distractions.  Charlotte wants to say hi to everyone she meets and still gets startled by loud trucks, motorcycles and such.  Her previous family used a gentle leader for walking which works great.  We are currently using a martingale collar and the “leave it” command so she can learn to walk nicely on a flat collar and she is making progress.

As Charlotte is still a puppy she currently has a very soft coat and doesn’t shed much at all.  As an adult I would assume she will shed like most Labs.  She doesn’t have any issues in regard to any resource aggression with her food or toys or shown any aggressive behaviours whatsoever. She is always happy to see you, loves to play, and is very affectionate with everyone.  Her favourite thing at the moment is getting lots of love and attention.  She does enjoy going for long walks and playing with her tug toys.  She really is only interested in her toys however when you are playing with her, otherwise she just wants to be where you are.  She is very good about giving up her toys with the “give” command.

Charlotte enjoys going for car rides and is very good in the car (we do tie her in) so those trips to the cottage would be a breeze.  She is so good with people and other pets that once trained, you could take her anywhere.  She would definitely love being part of a big family and again, once trained she would enjoy having children to play with.  She would benefit from a home with a large yard to run around in.  She would also do well with another playful dog in the home both for companionship and for enjoyment.

Charlotte really is a beautiful dog but, she is still very much a puppy.  She needs someone who has the time and can make the commitment to keep working with her training, providing her with lots of opportunities to socialize and play, and showering her with affection.  Consistency at this point and lots of positive reinforcement are the key to her learning and becoming a wonderful family pet.

If you think Charlotte would be a great addition to your situation, please submit an application for consideration.