Buck – Shepherd Mix

Buck – UMDR ID#017-0702
Fostered by Xavier F.

Buck’s Rescue was Sponsored by Elena, In Memory of Teddy

Buck is a super friendly, playful and loving pup.  He is approximately 8 months old and currently weighs approximately 45 lbs.  He will need further training to become a capable family companion but is very eager and willing to please.  He is a real sweetheart.

Here is what Buck’s foster family had to say:

Buck is a good looking dog and he knows it 🙂  He is a happy, healthy and playful pup who is friendly with people of all ages including strangers.  He loves going for walks in the neighbourhood and thinks that everyone he meets is a new friend.  He does have a lot of puppy energy still and does want to jump up to say hello so he would probably not be good around very young children until he is trained, as he may jump up on them.  He has however never shown any aggression with anyone.

He hasn’t met a dog he doesn’t like.  We have brought strange dogs into the home and he has met several dogs on our walks and has been friendly with all of them.  Some dogs don’t appreciate Buck’s energy level however he responds well and never gets aggressive or barks back at any dogs when they put him in his place.  We haven’t had him around cats and my guess is that he would need to be trained not to chase them but he would never be aggressive.

Buck is house trained but has not as of yet learned how to indicate that he needs to go out so we ensure that he gets out fairly often so there are no accidents in the home.  We have been working on teaching him how to walk nicely on a leash but he still pulls at times and often tries to walk in front of you.  We are working on teaching him to walk nicely beside us.  As well, Buck has been trained to know sit, lie down, sit up from a lie down, drop it (work in progress), couch (goes and jumps on the couch), no, stay (work in progress), lets go, and wait.  When we are not in the home or able to supervise him we do crate him as he will get into things he shouldn’t if left alone for any extended period of time.  He is a relatively quiet dog, but if he is too quiet then that may be an indication that he is getting into something he shouldn’t.  Generally if he has been exercised he willingly goes into the crate with no issues.  If you crate him while you are at home, and he knows you are there, he will whine and after a time he will bark to be let out.

As with any puppy, he must be reminded not to nip or mouth when playing and he does comply quite quickly when asked to stop.  Buck has managed to slip through legs out the front door a couple times but he has never gone too far or across the street.  His recall is good for his age and calling his name and clapping will usually allow you to get close to re-leash him and take him back.  He would be an excellent candidate for obedience classes as he is very eager to please, responds quickly to commands, and is food motivated.

Although Buck loves to run, go for walks, and play fetch he also loves spending time with his people just cuddling.  He is an affectionate dog and easily calms down in the house and will sit with you for long periods of time just relaxing.

Buck is still a puppy and would not be the ideal dog for anyone that was not willing to continue working on his training, exercise needs and socialization.  He needs to be walked at least a couple times a day and/or to have a back yard to run around in with lots of playtime and learning opportunities.  He would not be a good candidate for someone who worked long hours at this point as he does need to be taken out on a consistent and regular schedule to do his business.  Someone who is home more often than not, who would enjoy his puppy energy and help build his skills with lots of time for affection and playing with him would be ideal.  A home that has close access to parks, a backyard, or off-leash fenced-in areas would be best.   For the right family he will make a wonderful companion.  He has a wonderful nature and is a very handsome, sweet boy.

If you think Buck would be a good addition to your family, please submit an application for consideration.