Update: Lily

We adopted Lily on June 20th of this year. Foster failure #2 for us.
Lily has settled into our home perfectly. She now has a doggy sister ( Mookie ) and a feline brother ( Mater ) and sister ( Widget ). They get along fabulous, playing, chasing and even sleeping together.
Lily is such a little love bug. She has this thing about licking your neck or the fold of your elbow…I know it sounds rather strange but those are her ” go to ” places.   We’ve been working on walking with a leash. She actually does very well walking…it’s just when she sees another dog when that crazy killer bark of hers starts…so yeah, working on the bark a little but she is getting the hang of it.
She makes us smile every day with some new antics of hers.   She’s a precious little angel and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to adopt her and make her a member of our gang.
Marilyn and Sheila