Update: Spike aka Bean #017-0406

Here is an update on my best bud, Spike, adopted as “Bean”. On May 1st of this year, my girlfriend and I made the commitment to “Bean” and drove from Hamilton to Woodstock in the pouring rain to adopt him.The changes between the first month and month #5 are incredible, Spike was adjusting to his home and to the truck yard where I take him every night, He was scared and barking at everyone. Since then, this little guy has brought so much joy to my family and friends. He easily adapted to the name change (Bean to Spike) and I can now walk him without a leash, when it is safe to do so. Spike loves to tug with my sweat socks and my Team Canada Mitts. He has numerous toys, and we go to the dog park at least 3 times a week for one hour. This is doggy heaven for Spike, but he gets soooo tired, he never wants to leave.

The best part of adopting Spike is that I always said he has two switches: On & Off, When he is awake, he needs to play all the time, but when I go to sleep, he will sleep as long as Daddy does. Saturday night we were soooo tired, we slept for 11 hours!!! Spike was in the same position at 10 a.m Sunday that he was 11 p.m Saturday when we fell asleep.

He no longer barks, but because we are together all the time, he has separation anxieties when I leave him alone for an hour or two. Other than that, Spike is enjoying life in Hamilton, and St. Catharines where my girlfriend and her 9 year old son reside,
Thanks again UGLY MUTTS!
-Frank & Spike….aka…Frank & Beans LOL!