Update: Georgie aka Shorty #017-0313

I’ve attached a few very recent photos. The photo of the girls looking through the door is what happens every day when my husband gets home. If it was video instead of a still photo, you’d be able to hear their happy whimpers as they wait for me to open the door so they can love him up, and vice versa. The shot where Mabel is rolling on the grass while Georgie waits for her, happens about twenty times during every walk. Mabel just throws herself down. It’s not about scent. She loves rolling in grass. Georgie calmly waits for Mabel to finish, and off we go again. Check out the girls’ front feet in the one photo where they’re facing the camera in their harnesses, looking so happy and pretty. Mabel is standing on Georgie’s foot! I didn’t notice at the time.

Hope you enjoy these. Again, thank you for making it possible for us to have these wonderful dogs in our family. We love them so much.


Georgie pictured here with Mabel who is also an Ugly Mutts Alumni

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