BeeGee Found Her Forever Home – Thank You Linda!

BeeGee – UMDR ID#017-0901
Fostered by Karlene S.

BeeGee was surrendered to Ugly Mutts when her owner was no longer able to care for her due to a severe illness.  She is a young dog, just 14 months old and was bought for the previous owner in hopes that she would be a good companion for the woman.  Although this was done with only good intentions, the woman was far more ill than was realized and after caring for BeeGee in her nursing home, it finally came to the point where she was unable to even care for herself let alone a little dog.

BeeGee With Her New Mom

She sure has been thirsty – drinking so much water and it is not hot in here because I have the air set for 21. Little monkey has really big pees – once on the ensuite bathroom floor, once on the plastic chair mat in my office, once on the kitchen floor – and yeah finally once on the pee pad. I have 3 pee pads set up inside and one on balcony. At least she is not doing it on the carpeted floors or area rugs!!

If she sees me cleaning it up and I quietly say “were you a bad girl?”, she runs to the chesterfield and hides her head under a cushion…she does seem to know what she did was wrong. I really praised her when she went on the pee pad and gave her a treat. I think she just has some adjusting to do but boy is she a bundle of energy…we play with toys constantly but she is now finally napping on the lazy boy with me. I am loving having her in my life.

She had me running all over the back yard but the good news is….she wore herself out before me.  She is taking a nap between my legs on the chaise lounge. So adorable!

Update:  September 24, 2017

We’re having a ball!  And the great news is….she had an accident yesterday morning but since then has done her business outside.  She uses the pee pad in the en-suite bathroom in the middle of the night and then goes outside the rest of the time.  She is now loving running on the grass – training to walk beside me but until her curiosity subsides, run she does.  She had a great time at Southside park chasing the geese yesterday; and this morning (before it got too hot), my two sisters and I took her to Paris for a walk and she was so friendly with everyone she met – young and old and inbetween.  Everyone commented on how adorable she was and just couldn’t resist her. We bought her a special water bottle and she adapted to drinking out of it immediately (and of course being a bad mother – I let her have a few licks of my ice cream!!)

She only barks twice when I leave her and then settles right down.  She hears the key in the door when I return and jumps up and around me to welcome me home.  We did a test today while we went out for an hour to grab a bite and she was perfect at home alone.    Best part is—she loves her afternoon naps (with me!).

They didn’t have the crate size in stock that I need for her but will be getting more in on Tuesday so I will pick one up then.  My sister thinks it is definitely the safest way for her to travel in a car, but when the 3 of us were out in the car, we put her blanket in the back seat and she looked out the window a bit then settles down for a nap.  She gets so excited when I pick up her lease – and is always ready to go.  Looking forward to the cooler weather so we can spend more time outdoors.