Brownie Has Found His Forever Family – Thank You Lynn and Family!

Brownie UMDR ID#017-0910
Fostered by Jackie and Trevar C.

Brownie is a very quiet, unassuming and responsive dog who is looking for someone that will give him the time and love he deserves. He doesn’t appear to have been given much in his life and is just learning about city life, toys and enjoying being a dog. He is super sweet and friendly although he isn’t very sure of himself yet, but he will make a very loving companion for someone that will give him time to find himself. Brownie is approximately 4 or 5 years old and currently weighs just under 30 lbs.

Here is what Brownie’s foster family had to say:

Brownie is one of the sweetest dogs we have fostered. He is such a gentle soul but very timid and will go back to his crate when he has had enough. Each day he gets a little braver though and shows so much potential. He is a bit camera shy and also very unsure about playing with his toys, I’m not sure if he’s ever had any. If he does relax a little and does something goofy, he seems to get embarrassed and will run back to his crate. It doesn’t appear that he has ever been taught even the most basic of commands, but I think he would be easy to teach as he loves tasty rewards and is already learning to “sit”.

Brownie would do well in a quieter home where someone has the time to invest in him, and I think the rewards will be well worth it. He is such a loving, undemanding dog who in time is going to make a great companion. Brownie would definitely be a foster failure (we would adopt him) if we were in a position to have a dog full time!

Brownie appears to be very healthy. He does have a little dry skin but since he was bathed this seems to have diminished and he has a lovely shiny coat now. He has two large skin tags on his tummy, but they don’t seem to bother him. I think he may be 4 or 5 years old and I’m basing that on the way he looks and also a couple of other people thought he may be younger when they looked at his teeth. Brownie’s energy level is pretty low as he tends to sleep a fair bit, but he is still recovering from his stay at the shelter and learning that he is now safe. He will continue to gain confidence with his surroundings. Brownie has a short coat and does not shed much.

Brownie has not met any children since we’ve had him but although he has been very timid he has been friendly when meeting adults, but I don’t think he was given many opportunities in his past for much socializing overall. He seems very friendly however and I think he would be fine with respectful children of any age. Brownie has not shown any aggression at all. He is very shy, and does try to hide. He has always been on a leash when he has met new people so I’m not sure if he would run away, but I suspect at this point he might. We do not have any other pets in our home but he has met another dog when we were out and he was fine, but again very timid.

Brownie has not shown any signs of separation anxiety. At this time Brownie is very timid of everything, although in the few short days he has been here, he has made small improvements. I think it will only be a matter of time before he is confident in himself and his surroundings. I think Brownie’s favourite thing to do is eat! However I think that is because he has not been exposed to too much. He doesn’t seem to know what to do with toys, but he is learning, so I think his favourite things will change with time. Brownie is very quiet in the home, in fact I’ve only heard him bark once and I’m not sure what he was barking at!

Brownie is very well mannered and has not chewed anything or tried to steal any food. He does like to come into the kitchen when I’m preparing food, and will sniff at the counter tops but has not jumped up. He does not seem to have been taught any commands, however he is already learning “sit”. I feel he would be easy to train with some time and patience. Although Brownie has not had any accidents in the house, he never shows any sign of wanting to go out. We are vigilant about taking him out and rewarding him when he does go to the bathroom. Brownie loves his crate and we leave it open for him all the time as it is definitely his safe place right now. We only crate him when we are both going out but he goes in very willingly and does not make any fuss. Brownie is good on the leash and doesn’t pull at all, but again he is very timid on walks. I have only taken him on very short walks as it doesn’t take much for him to get stressed (noises or even a dog barking in a yard) and he will try to run. Brownie does not try to bolt out of the door or escape from the yard. When he is in the car he is very quiet and doesn’t move or even look around as I think he’s probably a bit scared.

I think Brownie is a gem of a dog who with love and patience will blossom into something special. He is so gentle and loving and responds well to a kind word and touch. It is hard to know what he has been through in his past life, but I don’t think anyone has spent the time with him that he needs and deserves. He is quiet, low maintenance dog and as time goes on he is enjoying being near us whereas initially he only wanted to be in his crate.

He needs to be in a home where he is able to gain confidence. I don’t think a busy or noisy home would suit him right now. He also needs to be with someone that has the time and patience to invest in him, and I’m sure the reward will be a wonderful and devoted companion.

If you think you have room in your heart and your home to give Brownie the love he deserves, please submit an application for consideration.