Buddy2 – Labrador Retriever/Beagle

Buddy2 – UMDR ID#017-0902
Fostered by Maria W.

Buddy is like a miniature Labrador Retriever.  We don’t know what he is mixed with but it adds up to adorable!  Buddy is a young adult dog around 3 years old and currently weighs 41 lbs.  He loves children and other dogs and will make a wonderful family pet.

Here is what Buddy2’s foster family had to say:

Buddy is a complete sweetheart. He is quiet and his tail wags all the time. He is affectionate, gentle and playful. He loves children and wants to meet every dog he passes by in the neighbourhood. He is neither over hyper or lacking in energy. I would describe Buddy as having a moderate energy level. He doesn’t get over excited but when he wants to play, he lures my dog into play.

Buddy is a very social and friendly dog. He loves everyone. He gets very excited when he sees children and wants to go to them. I think he would love to be in a family with children who would enjoy playing with him and cuddling. He is a very confident dog and has no shyness. Buddy loves having a doggy playmate around the house and enjoys playing with other dogs at the park. Buddy’s favourite thing to do is cuddle up on a couch, chew on a nylon bone and tease his foster sister dog until she agrees to play with him.

Buddy doesn’t know to many commands. He knows sit, off and come. He is completely house trained and knows to ask to be let out to do his business. I’m not using a crate with Buddy. I find there is no need. He has no separation anxiety and quietly greets you at the door when you return home. Buddy has shown no fear towards anything. Buddy is a very quiet dog. He does bark occasionally when someone passes and when he is play fighting with foster sister dog. He does try to do some counter surfing but due to his size, he can’t reach much. Buddy can use a little work on leash and as happy as he maybe somewhere, he always wants to run out the door whenever it is open so he would need some training to stay back and wait. Buddy likes riding in the car but has a hard time staying still. He wants to move around from seat to seat so probably best if he was clipped in the back.

Buddy is not a very large dog. The pictures are deceiving. His head height only reaches to the top of my knee. He also has so much love inside of him. He is gentle and sweet. Confident and goofy. He seems the type that would adjust well in any home environment. Buddy would do well in a home with children and another friendly and playful dog in the home would be great. He is constantly only meters away from his foster sister dog.

If you think Buddy would be a good fit for your situation, please submit an application for consideration.