Lilly Has Found Her Forever Home – Thank You Bob!

Lilly – UMDR ID#017-0908
Fostered by Jilissa W.

Lilly’s Rescue Was Sponsored By Peaches Who Found Her Forever Home 

Lilly’s owner passed away and there was no family members to take her. Instead she found herself dumped in a shelter. She is a sweet girl but still a little stressed out from the whole ordeal and would do well in a home where she is the only pet and someone’s constant companion. We could see her with a retired person who would still like to get out for a walk now and then, someone who would enjoy Lilly’s company and give her lots of love. Lilly is not doing so well in her busy foster home and we would like to see her out and settling into a permanent home.  Lilly is approximately 9 years old and currently weighs 48 lbs.

Here is what Lilly’s foster family had to say about her:

Lilly is a lovely dog with many endearing qualities. She greets everyone with excitement and lots of kisses. She loves to be the center of attention and she is a very smart little dog. She has a soft spot for warm, snuggly blankets and will drag them around the house with her. She has fabulous energy for an older dog and appears to be in very good physical shape for her age. We haven’t had any encounters with young children as of yet but she has been good with all of the adults in the house. She is not really interested in the other dogs in our home and would appear to prefer being her family’s one and only.

Lilly wants to be the apple of your eye. She wants your full attention and will make a great companion pet for someone looking for a new best friend. She seems younger than her age guestimate, but I am not actually sure that she IS younger. She is in good health. She does have a harmless skin-tag on her back leg. She doesn’t seem to shed much.

Lilly was a beloved pet and it is so sad that she ended up in a shelter when her owner passed. She is still suffering though some anxiety with her situation and although she is wagging her tail she still pants. Some of it could be excitement but I believe she is not used to such a busy household with the other dogs and the comings and goings of our family. On our walks she pays no attention to other dogs or people and just merrily walks on. If people do approach us however she is friendly. She does settle when we put her in the crate and I think for now that is her safe space.

She really likes to be in the space of her people. She is very receptive to your attention and she really just wants someone to love her and be focused on her exclusively. She is playful, although she doesn’t really seem to know what to actually do with a toy. She loves blankets. I gave her one that I drape over her and she walks around all silly with it over her head and she seems to really like that.

She is not a constant barker and is, in general, quiet; however, she can be a bit demanding and will let you know if she wants something or if she is displeased. Lilly will sit, especially if you have a treat. She is not consistent though. If you are trying to get her to sit without a reward, she is a bit resistant. She responds when I tell her to get down from the counter, but I am not sure if she is responding to the “down” or to the hand signal I am using when I tell her to get down. Her previous owner could have spoken in a different language.

Lilly does fine on her leash. I found that she pulls a bit for the first few minutes as she is excited about the smells and sights, but then she settles into a nice walk and really doesn’t pull so much. She may need a bit of work but she is really not all the difficult to walk. Rather than trying to run or bolt out the door, she actually tries to escape back into the house from the yard! She knows that my back door is a bit “hinky” and if she jumps on it, it pops open so she just lets herself in! Lilly is very curious about what is going on outside when she is in the car but she rides just fine. She likes the view and may like to have a window open so that she doesn’t miss anything. Lilly is crate trained. She sometimes needs to be bribed to get her into her crate, as unfortunately she is spending more time in there than I would like but it is necessary as we need to keep everyone separated. She is quiet in her crate and doesn’t really fuss very much unless she sees you and then she lets you know she wants out. So far she has been crated for a couple of hours, then out for a bit for some play time and then back in. She is crated overnight and doesn’t make a fuss.

Lilly is not handling having so many other pets in the home (two other dogs and cats). I think she is finding the activity in our home to be a little overwhelming and she has no idea where her place is. She has had some resource guarding with her food in regard to my dogs and she does ignore the cats unless there is a period where my dogs get excited and then she seems to get fixated on them as well. I think from her actions that she was the only pet in her previous home and having so many others is causing her to be stressed out.

Lilly is a very sweet, affectionate, silly little dog and will make someone looking for a new best friend a fabulous companion. She has spunk and she will keep you smiling. I think Lilly needs to be placed in a home where she is the only dog. Cats would be fine as she mostly ignores them even when they come around to check her out.  She doesn’t have a whole lot of patience for drama and excitement. She needs a home that she can settle into and feel safe in, and relax.

If you think you have room in your heart and your home for Lilly, please submit an application for consideration.