Rat – Beagle/Dachshund

Rat – UMDR ID#017-0909
Fostered by Christarin D.

Rat is different looking with his long nose but definitely a handsome boy. He is very sweet and loveable and just needs a family that will work on his training and manners and give him lots of love in return. He is a young adult approximately 1/2 – 2 years old and currently weighs 27 lbs.

Here is what Rat’s foster family had to say:

Rat is a loveable boy that is always curious and happy. While he is a little timid at first, he soon gains his confidence and is always eager to say “Hi” and explore. He is great with people of all ages, and can’t wait to snuggle up to everybody and get some pats – he is definitely a giant suck! This doesn’t mean that he isn’t always ready to join you on your walk to the park, though, or just play outside for a bit. At the end of the day, he is also eager to cuddle up and take a nap with you. Rat is excellent with other dogs, making friends with everything from my German Shepherd to my friend’s yorkie-poo, however he is a little scared of cats. He is a quiet dog who doesn’t cause any trouble, and is just looking for someone to offer him a little tender, loving care – which he will gladly return!

Rat is in very good health, with no current health concerns. He seems young as he has a decent amount of energy. I would describe his energy level as moderate – always excited to play and go on a walk, but after a solid outing or play with another dog he is ready for a nap in your lap.

Rat is quiet in the house. There is no barking at all, but he sometimes chews on things. We have been working on stopping this, and looking for a good alternative for him. He seems to enjoy nyla bones, and they keep him busy as well. He is very wary of busy streets, always stopping to look at large vehicles passing by. He becomes braver every day, indicating that he just needs to become accustomed to his surroundings. Sudden movements and noises do startle him sometimes, but again, he is getting used to it and is never cowering in fear. He loves to sniff and explore the outdoors, as well as snuggle up on the couch and get some pats. Give him a bit of both each day and he will be quite happy. None of the toys we have offered him have got his attention as of yet, but he is happy to chew on a bone – and this helps curb his chewing habit as well.

Rat has had very little training, if any, before arriving at my house. He has a seemingly short attention span, but is also food motivated. We have been working on teaching him sit and inside, and we are slowly but surely getting better at it. He is fully house trained. Rat is crate trained. He is very calm in the crate, although he is whiny at first. He is in the crates during some nights, and has been in his crate for a maximum of 6 hours during the day while with me. He does not complain, and I think it is actually a very useful tool in helping him relax and calm down when he gets too excited. He is leash trained, however he does tend to pull a lot. I would possibly recommend a harness and definitely encourage building better leash manners. Rat is always eager to run outside, so an eye should be kept on him whenever the door is being opened. He is an excellent passenger that sits quietly and patiently until the destination is reached.

Rat is such a sweet little dog who is full of energy and love. He is so willing to try his best, in return for some affection. With a little bit of attention and patience, he will grow into a wonderful, well trained companion who is always by your side.

I believe Rat would be best suited to a quiet home with patient people who are able to spend time cuddling, walking, and working with him. They should be able to take him on a couple of walks a day to help with his energy, and this would involve them being strong enough to handle his steady pulling on the leash until trained. Rat will be an amazing addition to anyone that is ready to take him. He would do really well in obedience classes which would complete his training and make him an all around wonderful family companion.

If you think Rat would be a good fit for your situation, please submit an application for consideration.