Bella Has Found Her Forever Home – Thank You Michelle!

Bella – UMDR ID#017-0904
Fostered by Alia and Kevin D. and family

Bella is a very regal looking dog with a friendly, calm demeanor. She loves going for walks in the woods, playing with friends and just hanging out with family. She is approximately 3 – 4 years old and currently weighs approximately 60 lbs. She is up to date with all vetting and is micro-chipped.

Here is what Bella’s foster family had to say:

Bella is a sweet, intelligent girl. She likes people and loves to curl up on the sofa with you. She loves the kids and doesn’t mind the cats at all. I would believe from her behaviours that she was once part of a loving family. She plays with other dogs very well and loves going for long walks in the woods with all of us. Bella is healthy. She eats well and is gaining weight nicely. She is low shedding. She is a calm and friendly girl. She loves hanging out with her people, playing with her toys and just being part of our family’s daily routines.

Bella has been totally fine when left on her own in the home although, we have only left her for a few hours at a time at this point. She has never tried to steal food, counter surf, chew, or get into anything she shouldn’t. She is fully house trained. Bella does not need to be crated but we have been using the crate for her to sleep in at night which she does without issue or incident. She is very calm and never tries to bolt out the door or escape from the yard. She is leash trained and walks very nicely on leash. When riding in the car we do clip her in the back because she wants to be sitting up close with us. Otherwise she is good in the car. She listens well and is treat motivated making her easy to train. She knows “sit” and “give a paw”. Bella does have a big bark which she likes to use when the neighbours are parking their cars or at odd noises or activity but generally she is very quiet in the home. Her favourite things to do right now are going for walks with us in the woods and cuddling with the kids. Although she loves going for her regular walks, she is just as happy when she is relaxing with us in the home.

This Is A Picture Of Bella At The Shelter

Although Bella has no issues with our cats at all and will sit patiently and allow them to eat out of her bowl, she has recently been showing signs of resource guarding with our dog over toys, her bed and food. So while the cats can do anything, she is not okay with our dog being near “her” things. We have been told by Ugly Mutts Coordinators that this is normal behaviour for the dogs when they first come from a pound or shelter and that once they realize there will always be enough food, toys, etc. it usually stops however, as it is right now, it may be best if she was the only dog in the home. Outside of this, she is friendly with all dogs and plays nicely with them. This is why we crate her at night so we can ensure there are no issues over toys and such with our dog.

When we are out on our walks Bella is social and friendly with everyone including children. She has no issues meeting anyone to say “hi”. She does however seem to be very sensitive when putting on her collar or coat or in situations where she is unsure. Moving slowly so she can see what is happening seems to be more to her liking when handling her collar and strapping anything around her middle (i.e. coat and harness). We were told also that once she was unloaded from the transport that brought her to Ugly Mutts, she refused to go near the truck after and would just firmly stand her ground and refuse to move. So although this girl seems to be so calm and easy going, she is still needs someone to be patient with her until she knows and trusts you completely.

Bella would be a great family pet as she loves kids but we feel would do best with respectful children that are 10 years of age and over. She tends to be comfortable in calm settings. She is a well behaved dog and sleeps well throughout the night. She is totally fine with cats and good with other dogs except in regard to “her things” which may or may not change over time.

If you think Bella would be a good fit for your situation, please submit an application for consideration.