Lucky – Spitz Mix

Lucky – UMDR ID#017-0905 (Looking gorgeous and happy after her grooming)
Fostered by Carly L.

Lucky is another older dog that was dumped in a shelter when her owner passed and there was no one left to care for her. Her coat was stained and she was looking pretty haggard when she arrived but now, after a good grooming, some loving care and new friends to brighten her day, this little lady is ready to find her new home. Lucky is believed to be approximately 7 – 8 years old and currently weighs 44 lbs.  We are not really sure what breeds make up this sweet girl but she is a darling.

Here is what Lucky’s foster family had to say:

Lucky is a very affectionate and cuddly dog.  She is very pretty with her bright blue eyes and is always smiling.  She is a lovely companion and a gentle, naturally well behaved dog.  She is not a dog that is constantly underfoot however she does love her cuddles!  She can be fun and silly at times and is always willing and up for going for a walk. She is a bit of a busy-body and likes to check out what everyone else in the neighbourhood is up to. She greets everyone we meet on our walks with a wagging tail and has no issue with people stopping to give her some pets, including children.

She likes her comfy spots

Although she has no issue with other dogs, once she has a sniff and said hello she is ready to continue with our walk. She has played some with our neighbour’s dog but overall she is more interested in interacting with people then with other pets. She is quite the little lady and likes to meet everyone. One time when someone opened their car door Lucky just hopped right in. She does love car rides!!

Of course we don’t know Lucky’s background but from what I have witnessed with her, she seems to have been someone’s constant companion. I think they took her everywhere they went which is why she loves the car so much and she is happy and engaging when meeting strangers of all ages. She is fine with other dogs as I mentioned but it is like she is thinking “no time for visiting now, we have places to go and people to meet”. She is a regular little social butterfly.

Keeping an eye on the neighbourhood

In the home Lucky is well behaved. She doesn’t get into anything or chew anything. She is totally house trained and crate trained however we never use the crate for her as there is no need. While we are away I think she just goes and finds a place to relax and wait for our return. She is slowly beginning to play with toys but for the most part I don’t think she ever had toys and never really learned to play in that way. She is quiet in the home and the only real noises we heard from her was when she was playing with the dog next door. Lucky does show signs of begging when we are eating so we make her stay in the other room but she can’t really counter surf because she is too short. I have never encountered her trying to actually steal any food. I don’t think she was ever taught any real commands but we have been working with her and she does know sit. She is a smart dog and I think she could be trained to do all kinds of things but she can be stubborn at times. A special treat however can do a lot to change her mind 🙂 Lucky is leash trained although she is very social and when she sees someone across the street she will try to go to them in hopes for a pet. And, there was the one time when our neighbour opened her car door and Lucky just jumped right in hoping to go for a ride. So as you can see, she is very friendly with everyone.

Will you be my forever family?

Lucky’s favourite thing is just relaxing in the home with her people and getting lots of cuddling and pets. I think the best home for Lucky would be with an older family or young couple with no children. She definitely wants to be included as a member of the family and would make an excellent listener and a best friend.

She does like to be active and getting out and about.  Her walks give her opportunities to say hello to all her friends but then likes to come back home and just chill with her family. She would do well with someone that would like to continue with her general obedience to keep her mind sharp and continue teaching her good manners.

If you think Lucky would fit well into your family, please submit an application for consideration.