Dolly Found Her Forever Family – Thank You Jim!

Dolly – UMDR ID#017-0906
Fostered by Mandy R.

Dolly is another adorable little dog that will make a wonderful family pet. Very sweet, friendly and gets along well with everyone. Dolly is a 6 month old puppy and currently weighs 22 lbs.  She is silly, loveable and a little sweetheart.

Here is what Dolly’s foster family had to say:

Dolly is a beautiful playful girl! She is friendly with everyone and everything. She loves playing with my smaller dog and the two of them are hilarious together. She does have the puppy energy but then she crashes and has to nap, just like any baby. She is very healthy, eating and eliminating well. She is really food motivated which will make her easy to train.

We have had Dolly around people of all ages including children and she just loves everyone. She also loves all the dogs we have met and just wants to play. She does’t have a mean or aggressive bone in her little body. She is just a playful and curious pup, learning about the world around her. She will need someone that is willing to continue socializing her and she will need training. Someone that would like to do obedience classes with her would be great. She is smart and I think she would be trained easily. We have taught her to sit.

Dolly is not totally house trained yet so she would need someone that is home more often than not ideally. We are currently crating her while we are at work and for sleeping. She whines a little when we first put her in the cate but she settles quickly. She is really your typical friendly, fun-loving, playful and curious pup. We are working with her in all areas such as leash training, manners, etc. but she is a baby and needs someone that will be consistent and patient while she learns all she needs to know.  She is generally a quiet dog in the home.

If you have the time and the desire to raise a puppy, Dolly will be a great choice as she is going to be an amazing family pet as she loves everyone and is willing and eager to please. At the moment she can be silly, obnoxious at times, she would be in my plate at meal times if I let her LOL, but overall she is coming along very nicely and fit into her foster home with ease.

Dolly would do well as a child’s playmate, a companion for another fun-loving dog or just with a family that can give her all the training and such she needs to continue on her way of becoming a confident and capable companion. She is a lovely little girl and deserves lot of love in return. A real cutey, Dolly will fit easily into any situation that can accommodate her needs at the moment.

If you think you have room in your heart and your home for Dolly, please submit an application for consideration.