Ping Pong Has Found His Forever Home – Thank You Florence & Family!

Ping Pong (before grooming) – UMDR ID#018-0109
Fostered by Casandrea and Nick S.

Ping Pong’s Rescue Was Sponsored By Lisa Knap and Family

This little guy was so ill when he was first brought in as a stray.  He was missing a lot of hair and was very underweight.  After lots of medical care to heal his skin from infections, including oatmeal baths and medications along with lots of love and playing in his foster home, he is now all smiles.  His hair has grown back in although he does still scratch a bit, but he is continuing to improve and was feeling well enough to go for his first grooming.  Ping Pong is a sweetheart with very big brown eyes and a smiling face.  He is approximately 3 years old and currently weighs approximately 22 lbs.

Here is what his foster parents had to say:

Ping Pong is a sweet and loveable little guy who just wants to play and chew bones.  He loves going for walks and playing wih the other dogs in the home.  He is also good with the cats although he will bark at them if they get too close to his bones.  He loves people of all ages and would be fine with respectful children of any age.

The very first thing you notice about Pong is his big brown eyes.  He has a very sweet face and everywhere we take him he makes friends.  He is just such a happy go lucky little dog.  It is unfortunate for him that he was found in such bad care but he is almost completely healed now and is just a happy, loving little guy.

Pong is completely house trained and will come and sit in front of you when he needs to go out and if you don’t notice he will start panting heavily until you do.  We have been working with basic commands and he knows sit and will now wait on command.  He gets excited when he sees the leash but he does pull when walking but because of his size it isn’t much of a problem.  With time he will get better and better at it.  He is crate trained but we no longer use a crate for him as he can be fully trusted alone on his own and through the at night.  He is just very happy to see you when you come home or in the morning and greets you with a wagging tail and a big smile.

Ping Pong Loved Getting Groomed and They Said He Was A Very Good Boy!

We are not sure what happened in his past but he seems to be afraid of stairs.  He will do the stairs going in and out of our backyard but he will not do the long staircase leading to our second floor.  It works out fine as he just ends up sleeping on the first floor.  He doesn’t get into anything he shouldn’t and it would appear that he is used to being in a house or apartment at some point as he doesn’t react to any normal house sounds, etc.  He also can’t jump onto the sofa but it is funny sometimes seeing him try.

Pong does love playing with all kinds of stuffed toys and he really likes playing fetch although he hasn’t quite learned to give the toy back to you so you an throw it again but we are working on that.  He does return with it every time.  When he is outside he will bark to come back in and will keep barking until you do.  In the house however, he is fairly quiet and only barks when we are playing and he gets overly excited.   Our dogs bark when someone comes to the door but Pong doesn’t.  He really likes playing with you, meaning with a tug toy, etc. but he is very good at amusing himself as well.  He really likes spending time chewing on a bone or deer antler.

Ping Pong Looking Handsome After His Grooming and Out On A Walk

He greets strangers like lost friends and has been tested with very young children and he was totally fine.  We feel he would be good in any situation where he was included as a family member and loved.  He would be fine with other pets in the one or as an only dog.  He would probably love a busy house with children but could also be a single’s companion.  He doesn’t appear to shed much but he will need minimal grooming from time to time as his hair will grow.

If you think Ping Pong would be a good fit for your family, please submit an application for consideration.