Sock Monkey Has Found His Forever Home – Thank You Lynda!

Sock Monkey (nicknamed Wookie) – UMDR ID#018-0110
Fostered by Samantha and Drew E.

Sock Monkey’s Rescue Was Sponsored By Charlotte, Sydney and Todd Jacklin

This little guy has a very tragic story.  He was found by the side of the road in a heap, and his head was nearly torn completely off.  It is only with the great veterinary care he received and the wonderful shelter staff that this little guy made it at all.  Now he is just the sweetest little guy, loved by his foster parents. He is approximately 6 – 7 years old and weighs approximately 14 lbs.

Here is what his foster family had to say:

Sock Monkey who we nicknamed Wookie is a great little character. He is looking for his best friend. He is a gentleman so, polite and eager to please. He likes the quiet life, lots of scratches, naps and walks. He is happy being a couch potato, but he loves getting out and exploring. He is struggling with the weather because he was so emaciated he really feels the cold. So we have found little and often right now fits the bill. He is great with other dogs, loves meeting strangers.  You will get a couple of woofs to let you know if someone new is in the house but he settles at a moment’s notice.

He was super skinny so we have him on puppy food at the moment and they removed most of his teeth so wet food is easier for him to chew. He is a happy fella. He had an awful ordeal but he is well healed. We are just very conscious when lifting him because he is still tender. He will grumble to remind you to be gentle. He loves when you rub his scar under his chin.

He has been friendly and accepting of everyone he has met. He does need someone who will be gentle with him. 8 is the youngest age of child he has been with and did wonderful.  He just wants to be treated gently and with respect.  He is not all is cautious but curious and quick to warm up to new people.  He as been friendly with all the dogs he has met including dogs on first meeting.  We have not had exposure to cats however,  he was great with rabbits and they did not phase him one bit.

We believe his voice box was damaged during his surgery, so it requires effort for him to bark. He is one of the quietest dogs we have had. He is crate trained and seems to find comfort in his crate. We have also left him loose and he isn’t a bother.  He constantly sits on your feet, he loves to be close. He loves walking and he is so excited to check out the world. He loves his chin scratched.  His energy level currently is low.  He is my first official couch potato.  He is still tender so needs a sure gentle hand.

We have left dry food down in between feedings as he needs to gain weight so food is freely available. He as great manners, very polite gentleman.  He doesn’t know any basic commands and currently we are still working on his name. We nicknamed him Wookie because he looks like Chewbacca he will come when called now.  He is great at been house trained, though we go out often. On the odd time we have accidents we have missed the cues. If he is up and moving in all likelihood he is heading to pee. I am much better at his cues now.  He is crate trained. He has stayed in overnight usually 7 hrs. He seems to find it comforting.  He is an absolute dream to walk, very easygoing with a dash of entertainment. Sniffer extraordinaire.  He loves the car especially if he is given the window.  He will bolt if given the chance so needs to be on leash or in a secure area when let free.

Wookie is an amazing character, he has real gentlemanly qualities. He is much more like a cat in his personality because he can be aloof, but he wants to be very close to you. He wants to be petted and loved. He deserves to be adored. He is looking for his best friend with a gentle hand and a loving heart. As much as he is crate trained he wants to be with you given a chance curled up in bed. He needs someone who will teach him to play.  I think he would be great in the right family. Slow and steady wins Wookie’s heart.

If you think you have that special heart for this little guy, please submit an application for consideration.