We thank you for considering the adoption of a rescued dog.  Adopting a new pet is an exciting and fun experience for the whole family.

Ugly Mutts adoptable pets page is updated regularly with dogs we feel are ready to find their new families.  While they have been in our care, they have been tested for behaviour and temperament,  been fully vetted, given training instruction, and have been lovingly cared for by an individual foster family.

The information in each dog’s description has been provided by the foster family and will give you a good indication of the full nature of the dog so you can make an informative decision on whether the dog would be a good fit for your family.  As well, our Adoption Coordinators will assist you by answering any additional questions you may have about the specific dog.

If you have seen a dog on our site that you are interested in and would like to apply for adopting the dog – Here is our Adoption Application.

There will be several pictures included on the dog’s page to give you an idea of their appearance. Although you will also find a breed/breeds mentioned on the dog’s page, this is really just our best guesstimate designed to give you an idea of what the dog may be, as most of the dogs come to us as strays with no background information.

Due to the costs incurred in the rescuing, vetting, transporting and maintaining of the dogs in our care, we do ask a minimum donation for each dog and it is determined on a case by case basis.

When you adopt a dog from Ugly Mutts you are not buying a dog but rather you are accepting the responsibility to continue the rescue for that specific pet.  Your donation is used by Ugly Mutts to aid in the rescue of other dogs in need.

The Adoption Process:

The adoption process for each of the dogs is done on an individual basis.  We have no set criteria as each dog has individual needs and our primary concern is to ensure that not only will the adoptive family have the means necessary to care for the pet but that the dog will meet the wants and desires of the adoptive family.  In this regard, we place less importance on the type of home you live in, and more on exactly why you want to adopt a dog and what your plans are in caring for the pet.

While it is understood that we care passionately about the dogs,  we care just as much about the people and ensuring that whatever dog they adopt is in fact a good choice for their situation.

Prior to meeting a dog, you must submit an application for approval.  Submitting an application does not necessarily mean that you will be accepted as the adopter for that pet.  There is no commitment to adopt by yourself or the rescue until an application has been approved, you have met and had an opportunity to spend some time with the pet, and it is agreed by both yourself and the rescue that the pet is a good choice for your situation.

The donation must be paid in full to the rescue representative or foster parent at the time of adoption.

In the case of an adoption, you will be provided with a few days of food for the dog, their medical records and have the opportunity to ask the foster parent any questions you may have about the specific pet.

We do ask that your bring your own leash to the adoption meeting.

In the case that you are adopting a cat or other pet, we do ask that you bring a carrier or other means to transport the pet to your home.

With your permission, a picture of you, your family and the pet will be taken at the time of adoption and will be included on the Happy Tails page of our website.  We really appreciate any updates you would like to share with us and they will be included on the pet’s page in the Happy Tails.

If you have any other questions in regard to the adoption process, please feel free to contact us at adoption@uglymuttsdogrescue.com

Here is our Adoption Application.

“Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative.” – Mordecai Siegal