Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued pet.

The following application is the first step in the adoption process and will help us in ensuring that the pet you are applying for is in fact a good fit for your individual situation and lifestyle.

If you need any help or have questions about the Adoption Application, please write the Adoption Team directly at

***Please note:  Some people have been reporting that they are having issues with the application going through.  This appears to happen if more than one person is trying to send at the same time.  To avoid this happening you can either wait and try again a bit later or click on the following link which will take you to a word document that you can copy and paste into an email,  fill out and send to

Click here for Adoption Application Word Document:  Adoption Application Word Document

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Applicant's Name*:

E-Mail Address*:

Home Telephone Number*:

Other Phone Number:




Postal Code*:


Have you submitted an application to Ugly Mutts previously?


Please give us an idea of your household situation such as number of adults and their occupations, children in the home and their ages, others in the home*:

Does your entire household agree to this adoption*?


Is anyone in your household allergic to animals*?

If so, what kind of allergy?

Do you currently own other pets*?

If yes, please give age and breed of pet:

Are all current pets up to date with vaccinations?

Are all currently owned pets spayed or neutered?

If not, please give reason why:

Current Veterinarian's name and phone number if applicable:

If there are currently no other pets in the home, what is your past experience with dogs or cats*?

Do you currently rent or own your home*?
Rent ApartmentRent HouseOwn CondoOwn House

Landlord's name and phone number if applicable:

Is your home located on*:
City lotCountry lotAcreage

If you live in a house is there a fully fenced yard?

Please list a reference name, email address and/or phone number that knows you as a pet owner or who can vouch for your overall responsibility*:


If you are applying for a specific pet posted on our site, please give their name and ID#:

If already adopted, would you like us to keep your application on file in case a similar pet comes available for adoption?

If you have spoken with an Ugly Mutts Associate please give their name:

What is your reason for wanting a rescued pet*?

If you did not see a specific pet on our site that you are interested in, please tell us the specifics of what type of pet you would like to adopt:

If the pet is not altered do you agree to have it done when the pet reaches maturity at your expense? (at approximately 6 mths of age)

If adopting a dog, what are your plans for exercising the pet?

Will the pet live mostly:
Mostly indoorMostly outdoorOnly IndoorOnly OutdoorEqual time spent indoor and outdoor

How many hours of the day will the pet be left at home on its own during the day*?

Are you willing to give a home to a pet that has any of the following issues:
An Elderly PetTraining IssuesMedical IssuesAny of the AboveNone of the Above

What type of issues would you be willing to work on with a pet such as house training, chewing, barking, crate training, etc.*:

What type of pet issues would be unacceptable to you and cause you to return a pet*?

How long would you give your new pet to adjust to its new home*?

In your opinion, what is the best quality in a pet*?

In your opinion, what is the worst fault in a pet*?

Would an unscheduled visit before or after adoption from an Ugly Mutts Associate be acceptable to you*?

"Upon submitting this application, I agree that the addition of a family pet is an important decision. I have thought through possible changes in my life, and feel that I would still be willing and able to care for a pet should they occur."

You have read and agree to the above statement*:

Where did you hear about Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue?

Please note that submitting an application for a specific pet does not denote a commitment to adopt by either yourself or the rescue and is for screening purposes only, to determine if the pet is a good choice for your situation.