Are you interested in saving lives but are unable to foster a dog or commit to volunteering?  If so, sponsoring a dog is another way that you can directly aid in saving the life of a dog that is currently at risk of being euthanized, mainly due to a lack of space at a shelter.

Ugly Mutts does very little in the way of fund raising and instead we rely on the adoption donations and placement fees to help rescue the dogs that come into our care.  When you commit to sponsoring a dog however, you are directly helping to fund the rescue of a specific pet.  Your sponsorship contribution may be used to pay for pull fees, transport costs, veterinary care or for general maintenance of the dog while it is in our care.

After we receive your sponsorship you will be sent a picture of the pet you have helped rescue.  You will then see your name, or the name of someone you would like to honour in your stead, posted on the dog’s page when it comes available for adoption.  We will then notify you when the dog is adopted and you will be sent a picture (if available) of the pet with their new family.  From there you can read any updates about your sponsored dog on their page in the online Happy Tails scrapbook.

If you are interested in sponsoring a dog, please complete and then send the form below. Once that is done, please click on the paw picture below the form “Click to Sponsor” to make your sponsorship quickly and easily through Paypal.

Please answer all of the following questions:

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

I understand that I am making a contribution to sponsor a dog in need of rescue.

Are you sponsoring the dog for yourself or for someone you would like to honour?

I would like the name to appear on the dog's listing as follows:

If you are sponsoring the dog for someone other than yourself, and would like information on the dog rescued sent to someone as well as yourself, please provide an up to date email address for that person here:

I understand that the amount of the contribution to sponsor a dog is a minimum of $100.00 and any amount less than stated will be accepted as a separate donation to the rescue effort.


If you are unable to sponsor a dog but would still like to contribute to the rescue, we would accept any amount with much appreciation. Even a $5.00 box of treats can go towards training a dog and giving them a better chance at being adopted. Click on the “Donate” paw below to make any size contribution with our appreciation:

We thank you for helping to save the live of a deserving dog.