A dog’s love is truly a wondrous thing. They never point out our flaws yet surely we have them. What good hearts they have, teaching us by example.  Honour your pet’s memory by heeding the lessons that they taught you and living life to the fullest.

You may not be able to simply go out and get another dog but eventually you will be able to open your heart to another in need of a loving family. Just remember that now you will have a guardian angel with four paws watching over you.

In Loving Memory of Mac
Adopted by Zack Kallish in 2009 – September 2017

Several years ago (2009/2010) I came to you to find my dog.  I adopted Mac and he spent many wonderful years by my side. After returning from Afghanistan Mac became my service dog. Sadly Mac at the age of 15 finally took his last breath. I loved him dearly, and he will always be in my heart. I will always be indebted to you.

Thank you for everything.

In Loving Memory of Kingston
Adopted by Meghan Elizabeth in 2010 – July 2017

Hi, I’m not sure if you guys will remember me or not but I’m sure you will remember the pooch I adopted from you. I adopted a boxer named Kingston from you 8 or 9 years ago. Sadly he crossed over the rainbow bridge earlier this summer after a battle with cancer. I am contemplating adopting another dog in the not too distant future. My place is empty with out his huge personality.   Here’s two photos of Kingston and their cats together.

We certainly do remember Kingston.  He had some funny quirks in his behaviour and needed a very special person to take him on and love him.  You did a fantastic job with him and we were so happy to see Kingston so well loved and doing well these past years.

In Loving Memory of Trixie
Adopted in 2009 by Heather Stoughton and Family

Back in 2009 my then boyfriend and I adopted a beautiful girl named Trixie. Since then she has been a huge part of our lives, we included her in our wedding and this past year finally got her her own backyard. After a long illness, we had to say goodbye yesterday. We are so thankful to have had her with us these past years. Its so empty without her around.

In Loving Memory of Chewbakka
Adopted by Liz Bruce in March of 2010 – June 2017

Chewy was a stray and had given the dog catcher a very hard time and eventually found his way to Ugly Mutts in hopes of finding a new home.  We all had fun trying to guess what breed he was as he looked like many different breeds all mixed together.  We watched as he became a friend, a partner and an integral part of Liz’s life.  It is no wonder Liz adopted him herself and it was a love story all the way.   We were all very sad to hear that Chewy recently lost his battle with cancer.  Chewy, you were a faithful companion to the end and you will long be remembered by the many lives you touched while you were here.

“Chewbakka was the absolute best dog.  He was my heart dog and I will always miss him. Thank you for letting me be his guardian.”…Liz.

In Loving Memory of Teddy
October 2002 – May 2017
A beloved member of the Bulakhtina family

“He was the most beautiful dog in the world”, Elena Bulakhtina

In Loving Memory of Dagmar
Adopted by Diane Etienne May 2008 – April 2017
“Thank you” to Randi Glass for the donaton made in Dagmar’s memory

Just wanted to let you know the sad news about Dagmar. I adopted Dagmar from Ugly Mutts back in 2008. Him and I had a bond like no other. While out hiking last Sunday, Dagmar’s spleen ruptured. Bless his heart, he made it back to the car. When I got him home he could not walk. My son and I took him to the vet and they think he had a growth in his spleen that ruptured. I held him in my arms while he went to sleep. I miss him so much, what a wonderful friend he was, watching over me all these years.  I can’t stop crying, I was not ready to say goodbye.  My protector, my friend. Thank you to Ugly Mutts for giving me the opportunity to have Dagmar in my life. How I loved this dog!

Written by Diane for her best friend Dagmar
My dog, my friend I miss you so
I wish you did not have to go
We had a summer of fun and hikes ahead
Lots of deer hunting and tracks to tread
Who would have thought that sunny day
We’d be saying goodbye in such a way
At least I got to say goodbye
Cradling your head while I’d cry
You can end your watch over me now though
It was my turn to watch you go
Our future time not meant to be
It was my time to set you free
Until we hike again my friend
We’ll be together in the end
A part of me has gone with you
Your loyalty and love was true
I wish I had more time to spend
The best dog in the world I called my friend

In Loving Memory of Zeke
Adopted by the Keoth family February 2006 – March 2017