Are you in need of a new home for your pet?

Ugly Mutts Associates have been assisting pet owners in finding permanent new homes for their pets for over 10 years and offer a compassionate and understanding alternative to guarantee your pet’s future happiness and security.

All of the pets that come into our program stay in private, pet friendly homes.  There is no time limit on how long a pet remains in our care and they will continue to be loved and cared for until we find their permanent new home.

We have a detailed screening process for those looking to place a pet in our program as well as those looking to adopt.  This process allows us to successfully determine that not only will the adoptive family have the ability to care for the pet but that the pet will meet their wants and desires as a companion.

All adopters must fill out an application and be approved prior to meeting a pet.  All of our adoptions are set up with pre-approved adopters by appointment only.  This allows us to meet and spend time with the potential adopters and the pet, to  ensure we have made a good match.  All adopters MUST sign an adoption contract that states they will care for the dog throughout the duration of its life, treat the animal with compassion and respect, and should they not be able to keep the pet they will contact Ugly Mutts to have the pet returned and never to a pound or shelter.

When your pet is adopted you will receive notice from the Adoption Team who will send a picture of the new family with the pet.  From there you can read any updates regarding the pet’s progress as they transition into their new home from our online scrapbook, Happy Tails.

Please note that we can only accept your pet if there is an available foster home.  Otherwise, you may be put on a waiting list until an available home comes available.  As all of our pets are placed into private homes we are unable to accept any dog that has severe behavioural issues, severe aggression issues, or severe health issues.  Due to the current ban on Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes we are unable to accept them into our care.

If you have thought through all your alternatives and have determined that you are in need of a new home for your pet, and would like to have your pet placed through Ugly Mutts, please submit a Rehoming Application.

If you have any questions about rehoming your pet, please contact us at